Nuts! Where did that go? WTH!

Ken Corey ken at
Thu May 31 14:35:23 EDT 2012

On 31/05/2012 18:06, dunbarx at wrote:
> I am on a Mac, so I probably cannot help here, but know that this is
> the worst report I have ever heard of. It is NOT usual. LC is very
> stable. That said, no particular code construction or authoring
> methodology should be at any particular risk.

Wow. I have to disagree fundamentally with this paragraph.

My LC on Mac crashes/locks up frequently.  The solution?  Cmd-S to save 
*EVERY* *SINGLE* *TIME* *YOU* *WANT* *TO* *TEST*.  Heck, do it if you're 
/thinking/ about testing.  Gads, do it every 5 minutes just because.

Pretty soon, it becomes muscle memory, and you don't even need to think 
about it, you're just protected.

Is it paranoia, or is it wisdom?  I'm not taking off my tin-foil hat 
long enough to find out.

> Can you say exactly what it is that you were doing when the freeze
happened? Were you in the debugger? You cannot make a button there, as
this is not within the authoring part of the IDE. Were you in the
dictionary? You combined several different environments in your description.

I've had the same experience as Mark.  You're neck-deep in your program, 
you're thinking about the future, about your variables, etc.  You're not 
paying attention to what made things crash.

Mark Weider was right: trust no one.


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