Nuts! Where did that go? WTH!

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I am on a Mac, so I probably cannot help here, but know that this is the worst report I have ever heard of. It is NOT usual. LC is very stable. That said, no particular code construction or authoring methodology should be at any particular risk.

Can you say exactly what it is that you were doing when the freeze happened? Were you in the debugger? You cannot make a button there, as this is not within the authoring part of the IDE. Were you in the dictionary? You combined several different environments in your description.

Did you try to make a new stack?

Craig Newman

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Newbie alert:

I've been working on my first project and hitting the manuals,
tutorials and such -- and then CRASH.

WIN Vista Home Premium with LiveCode 5.5.

I was in the debugger and tried to make a test button with a mouse up
line that was "copy card" -- and the dictionary or debugger froze.

Restart the computer and the whole project is gone.

I can't even find a broken icon.


And, why don't the other test stack show up in the folder too?

Could the work have been done in a substack and I just can't get to
it? Looking everywhere.

As I see 'recently opened' with WIN it shows a test2 LC stack that was
opened a few hours ago. BUT, when I click there it says the file can't
be found.

What do you do with your development so you don't crash and kill a day
of work? Is this to be expected?


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