Nuts! Where did that go? WTH!

Mark Rauterkus mark.rauterkus at
Thu May 31 12:33:13 EDT 2012


Newbie alert:

I've been working on my first project and hitting the manuals,
tutorials and such -- and then CRASH.

WIN Vista Home Premium with LiveCode 5.5.

I was in the debugger and tried to make a test button with a mouse up
line that was "copy card" -- and the dictionary or debugger froze.

Restart the computer and the whole project is gone.

I can't even find a broken icon.


And, why don't the other test stack show up in the folder too?

Could the work have been done in a substack and I just can't get to
it? Looking everywhere.

As I see 'recently opened' with WIN it shows a test2 LC stack that was
opened a few hours ago. BUT, when I click there it says the file can't
be found.

What do you do with your development so you don't crash and kill a day
of work? Is this to be expected?


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