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On Chevys the traction control switch will turn off the electric limited
slip differential and the rpm limiter. Also the shifter has a up/down
button. Put the shifter in low and one can up/down shift at will. On another
note... I was a muscle car guy back in the 70s(63 Vette and 69 Fairlane) I
did not like anti-lock brakes when I got my 94 T-Bird. But one day on a
highway at 60 mph I had someone pull in front of me and jam on their brakes.
I stomped the brake and if it wasn't for the anti-lock brakes I never would
have been able to steer around the car. If my breaks had locked up, I would
have been done. After that I was sold.

Moral of my story......Sometimes new is uncomfortable but good, other times
maybe not so good. That's what we do here, weed the good from that bad and

I also don't see the need for landfills full of running cars. Right now I
1988 Camaro(135,00 miles) when there is no snow.
1996 Caprice Classic(285,000 miles) for towing.
And for the road trips a 2005 Malibu Maxx that gets 40 mpg with a 10%
ethanol mix(ok 39.4 mpg to be exact, 40 just sounds better), 44 mpg with
pure gasoline when I can find it. Over 500 miles per tank with no batteries!

Ralph DiMola
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Totally serious question: When do you switch off that computer controlled
traction control??? What are you doing that you need to turn it off? I have
to ask because I have this VDC switch in my Pathfinder that I have
absolutely no idea what it is or why I would ever need to turn it off. I
also have an Override OD (overdrive) switch which I do turn off when I am
towing my boat or motorcycle trailer. But the VDC switch still baffles me. I
fear I might be a fossilized old guy. P.S. I use an acronym OTS for old
people like myself that get set in my ways and get cranky and grumpy when
anyone (especially someone younger than me) suggests doing something
differently than what I am used to. Oh, OTS stands for "Old Timer Syndrome"

Current Version: Tom

-- Tom McGrath III
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On May 29, 2012, at 1:29 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> I bought a new car recently.  It has automatic transmission so it 
> decides when to shift gears.  Except that there's a mode where I can 
> use it like manual transmission and control when the gear shifts 
> happen.  It also has computer controlled traction control.  But I can 
> switch it off if I want to do things where I would rather it wasn't in
control (don't ask!).
> Pete
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