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Totally serious question: When do you switch off that computer controlled traction control??? What are you doing that you need to turn it off? I have to ask because I have this VDC switch in my Pathfinder that I have absolutely no idea what it is or why I would ever need to turn it off. I also have an Override OD (overdrive) switch which I do turn off when I am towing my boat or motorcycle trailer. But the VDC switch still baffles me. I fear I might be a fossilized old guy. P.S. I use an acronym OTS for old people like myself that get set in my ways and get cranky and grumpy when anyone (especially someone younger than me) suggests doing something differently than what I am used to. Oh, OTS stands for "Old Timer Syndrome"

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On May 29, 2012, at 1:29 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> I bought a new car recently.  It has automatic transmission so it decides
> when to shift gears.  Except that there's a mode where I can use it like
> manual transmission and control when the gear shifts happen.  It also has
> computer controlled traction control.  But I can switch it off if I want to
> do things where I would rather it wasn't in control (don't ask!).
> Pete
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