AnimationEngine Question…?

JOHN PATTEN johnpatten at
Sat May 26 21:44:01 EDT 2012

Hi All…

I'm always a little perplexed on where I should post within the RunRev areas? I usually post to the discussion list, here, but noticed that AnimationEngine and a few others have dedicated areas in the forums. In any case, I had a questions about AE. 

I'm putting a little demo project together (hack) to show what can be done with AE and LC. It is very basic, pulled from examples you've shared online, etc.

However, I was trying to utilize the AEStartListeningForCollisions and found that when targets overlap, LC will throw up an error when the "bullet" strikes one of the overlapping targets. Any ideas?

Also, it seems that AEStartListeningForCollisions is also sensitive to the layer of the targets. Almost every run of my example has a target that is impervious to "bullets." If I change the layer of the target, I can then hit it. Any ideas?

My example stack and original post is here:

Thank you!

John Patten

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