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>>  I wasn't bold. I was scared not to. Eventually the balance tipped and I
>>> took the plunge. But I'd definitely start with Android if I were you, the
>>> Apple swamp is much harder and there are alligators.
>> Apple has great technology but they give you a hard time.  Google makes
>> your life easier and ships crappy emulators.
> There should be a middle ground.

The middle ground was called webOS it had the following advantages on their
developer program:
* FREE Devices for Developers, just get in the line, you will get a free
device or a huge discount.
* No need to pay anything.
* Best documentation ever.
* Curated app store with the motto "I reject because I care"
* Apps could be distributed out of the store
* Embraced open technologies and hacker communities making its developer
framework work on other devices such as iPhone and Android.

but then it came Leo Apoteker and destroyed Palm.... The new CEO is way
better but it is too late for HP.

We should watch Mozilla and Open webOS... those will be pretty popular.

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