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Speaking of Alligators, you heard about the blonde who went shopping for Alligator shoes down in Florida eh? NO? Well, she walks into this fancy shoe store and asks to see some Alligator shoes. The clerk gets her a few samples, but upon seeing the price tag, she exclaims, "Why these prices are way too high! I'll just go get them myself!" 

Confused, but relieved, the clerk put the shoes back on the shelf as the blonde stomped out the door. He spent the remaining  hour or so tidying up a bit and figuring it takes all kinds! After closing up shop, he headed down the road on his way home. To his surprise, he sees off to the side, a gal knee deep in water holding a shotgun, and then to his horror, a huge Alligator swimming straight towards her. It's the blonde who came into his shop earlier! 

In a cold panic and hardly knowing what he was doing, he pulled over, stopped the car, and rushed towards the gal, just in time to see her take aim and blow a hole in the head of the alligator, just scant feet from where she was standing. Suddenly the scene began to slowly dawn on him. Around her were 6 other alligators, belly up in the water, and she was turning her new victim over on it's back. Suddenly she turned to him and exclaimed, "Oh darn it! This one's barefoot too!"

The floor is now open for acute distain and general expressions of dismay. 


On May 24, 2012, at 4:03 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 5/24/12 10:13 AM, Bernard Devlin wrote:
>> I salute those brave
>> pioneers such as Jacqueline who have boldly gone into tomorrow.  I
>> know that sooner or later I will have to start doing mobile
>> development, so I think this will be what I need to ease me into that.
> I wasn't bold. I was scared not to. Eventually the balance tipped and I took the plunge. But I'd definitely start with Android if I were you, the Apple swamp is much harder and there are alligators.
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