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Hi Richard,

Sorry for the late reply - the day-job was getting in the way again...

It does look related to QCC entry 5270 <> titled "Libary closes when a substack closes"
I downloaded Ken Ray's example stack, and when I add a 'releaseStack' handler to that unexpectedly unloaded library, the message isn't triggered either.

But the circumstances in my case are slightly different: the library stack itself doesn't have its destroyStack property set, nor the substack that it clones.
However, one of the last thing the library does, is turn on the destroystack of the fresh clone - so it could still be a manifestation of the same engine problem.

Still looking for a workaround that doesn't require invisibly opening the library stack.
I sent a slightly tweaked version of my library to the customer, hoping it does the trick - we'll have to wait and see.

Thanks for the hint!

Jan Schenkel.

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Jan Schenkel wrote:
> While this doesn't give me a direct solution for figuring it out from the 'releaseStack' message handler, it is definitely good to know about 4W_FlightRecorder!
> I think I'll suggest that my customer downloads it and uses it in combination with my warning message to debug the problem he's experiencing.
> Hopefully we'll then find the sneaky script that issues a 'stop using' behind our backs :-)

I'm glad you like Flight Recorder, but there may be a simpler way to resolve this without putting that into a user's hands.

How many scripts do you have running in that environment which you didn't write?

And is it possible something is opening the stack and then closing it, with your stack's destroyStack property set?

Oddly, destroyStack takes precedence over "start using", so sometimes simply closing a stack will remove it from the stacksInUse.

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