can someone please try this test...

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed May 23 12:10:07 EDT 2012

Ken Corey wrote:
> *smile*  I /love/ how willing we are all to help.
> Okay, what do you all get when you type this one:
> put shell("[dangerous command line deleted]) into field "gotcha"
> (I know that's got a syntax error and is not quite the right command to
> erase the hard drive on MacOS, but I daren't put the whole thing lest
> someone try it.)
> *evil grin*

On the Ubuntu forums they have a policy against posting destructive 
command lines.  First offense get a post deleted with a warning to the 
author; second offense bans the author.

This is done to protect newcomers, to ensure that the Ubuntu forums are 
a safe place for people to get support.

I appreciate the good humor here and that you intentionally wrote it 
with a syntax error to prevent execution.

Just the same, this seems a good opportunity to offer a gentle reminder 
that we have members here with a wide range of experience, and we want 
this to be a safe and friendly place for all of them to get help.

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