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Jacques and Klaus...

Thanks to both of you.

My standalone problem is solved, sort of. It was always the pathname to the external. I had thought so, and mentioned it as a likely culprit in my initial post.

It seems the external must be explicitly referenced, as verified by the authors, and not, in their words, "relatively" referenced. The issue therefore is, I guess, inherent in the particlular external I am using. The important point here is that the external need not be placed in the "externals" folder in the "contents" folder of the standalone package. As Klaus said, LC does not place third party externals there automatically anyway.

I solved the problem by creating a folder with a specific name, placing the external in that folder, and putting it in my "Applications" folder, which is common to all OSX systems. This is NOT an "applications" folder found in a user account, but rather the default.

In the inspector, I set the external reference to the bundle in that specific folder. I now make the standalone, Then I place the standalone in that folder as well. I can now take that folder, containing both the standalone and the external, and copy it to the "Applications" pane in any new machine, and it works. This is a kluge, but at least I understand it.

It is academic to me why this must be, especially since I thought I had learned something new and important in that one must load third party externals into the contents folder of a standalone package by hand. In my case, doing this had no effect at all. I assume that this method (the "ordinary" method) gives one a "relatively" referenced pathname to ones external. The authors actually said they did not know how to write such a "relative" pathname.

Is this of interest to anyone but me?

Craig Newman

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> You can only
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I had a thinko. It's "startup" I believe. They may both work, it's been 
a while so I'd need to check.

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