Dictionary generating a lot of messages. 1 pr. click

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Mon May 21 18:20:55 EDT 2012


Type this in the message box:

edit script of stack "revdictionary"

and type return. At the bottom of the script, you'll find the checkForAltKey handler. Replace it with the following script:

on checkForAltKey
     if altKey() is "up" and sAltKeyDown is not false  then
          ## Alt key has been released
          put false into sAltKeyDown
     else if altKey() is "down" and sAltKeyDown is not true then
          ## Alt key has been pressed
          put true into sAltKeyDown
     end if
     put the pendingmessages into myMsgs
     filter myMsgs with "*checkForAltKey*"
     repeat for each line myMsg in myMsgs
          cancel item 1 of myMsg
     end repeat
     send "checkForAltKey" to me in 250 milliseconds
end checkForAltKey

This will save you a lot of annoyance. However, I got fed up with it and decided to comment out all lines between "on checkForAltKey" and "end checkForAltKey". You could also delete those lines, except for "on checkForAltKey" and "end checkForAltKey".

Now Apply the script and close the script editor. Type

save stack "revDictionary"

in the message box and type return. 

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 22 mei 2012, at 00:06, Thunder wrote:

> My system : Windows 7 and LiveCode 5.02
> I do the following :
> Start LiveCode
> Open the Message Box and select Pending Messages (Auto Update and Show
> Revolution UI Messages must both be checked)
> Open the Dictionary and start to click the keywords.
> Every time I click on a keyword the "checkForAltKey" message is added to the
> pendingmessages.
> If I close the Dictionary the messages are still in pendingmessages.
> *Is this just me or can others confirm it ?*
> (If someone spend a lot of time in the Dictionary this could slow down the
> system)

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