Dictionary generating a lot of messages. 1 pr. click

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon May 21 18:11:17 EDT 2012

On 5/21/12 5:06 PM, Thunder wrote:
> My system : Windows 7 and LiveCode 5.02
> I do the following :
> Start LiveCode
> Open the Message Box and select Pending Messages (Auto Update and Show
> Revolution UI Messages must both be checked)
> Open the Dictionary and start to click the keywords.
> Every time I click on a keyword the "checkForAltKey" message is added to the
> pendingmessages.
> If I close the Dictionary the messages are still in pendingmessages.
> *Is this just me or can others confirm it ?*
> (If someone spend a lot of time in the Dictionary this could slow down the
> system)

Confirmed, reported, and now fixed for the next release. It not only 
generates too many messages, it interferes with typing option-characters 
in the property inspector.

In the mean time, it doesn't hurt to click "Cancel all" in the message 
window to remove all the pending messages.

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