Help with Stop Record command on Win32 machines

Bill Ziegler billziegler at
Sat May 19 19:00:40 EDT 2012

After years of providing programs for special needs students I was just made aware of the programs failing at random places, making it difficult to debug.
It only happens on Windows machines, possibly only on win32 machines and not at the same location. The Mac player works fine.

The user gets an error box- "Revolution Engine for Win32 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
I am using the REV Player Engine 3.0.0 Build 750 and not a standalone because the same stack needs to run on Macs and Pcs.

I am testing it now on a Macbook pro with VMware Fusion. 

If a scripter with PC access has time to put this script into a button and attempt to recording, if you have time, I would appreciate feedback on why it fails.
I have found the problem occurs whether the scripts to Start and Stop Recording are on multiple buttons or just one. 

I have distilled the script down to the basics to eliminate other scripting variables.
All you should need to do is hold the mouse down on the button to record. When you release the button, Stop Recording is sent to the engine. It plays back on mouseUp.
The error rarely happens the first time but always randomly within 15 attempts and always on the 'Stop Record' command.

Klaus has been helping to solve the problem over on the Multimedia forum but he only has access to Macs.

The script isn't pretty but it works fine on Mac and up to 15 times on Windows before failing.



on mouseDown
if there is an audioClip "test" then stop playing audioClip "test"
set the recordFormat to "wave"
set the recordSampleSize to 16
set the recordChannels to 1
set the recordRate to 44.1
record sound file "Test"
end mouseDown

on mouseUp
wait 1 second
stop recording
if there is an audioClip "test" then delete audioClip "test"
if there is a file "test" then
import audioClip from file "test"
end if
play audioClip "test"
end mouseUp

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