I want to be a flasher.

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at clarkeandclarke.co.uk
Wed May 16 14:42:39 EDT 2012

I thought this was another confession from your days as a (dirty) mac owner!

How about using an overlaid object with varying opacity on a timer. Then you can flash, fade to black or white (or maybe a blush) - or reveal your 'underware' over time, to make the special moment last! :-)

On 16 May 2012, at 19:20, Richmond wrote:

> [Well, I guess it happens to all men at a certain age]
> I don't know about the above, but I am beginning to think there is something wrong
> with my memory.
> I swear there was a "flash" command in RunRev/Livecode which would flash the screen.
> However, having looked back at RunRev 2.2.1 I think I am wrong.
> SO . . . does anybody know how to do this sort of thing:
> on mouseUp
>  invert screen colours, and/or flash the screen rapidly
> end mouseUp
> ?
> Richmond.
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