[ANN] ChartMaker 2.1 update (build 57)

FlexibleLearning admin at FlexibleLearning.com
Tue May 15 05:25:58 EDT 2012

ChartMaker for LiveCode

BUILD 57 has just been released, including support for vertical and
horizontal 'Marker Pen' lines as alternative origins for visual referencing,
as well as 'Aim' or 'Goal' lines in any line or scatter chart. As an
improvement to the syntax window, you can now include or omit empty
parameters depending on whether you want to see what additional display
options are available

This is a maintenance update and is free for all registered 2.1 users. A
30-day free trial is available if you do not yet have ChartMaker.


Marker Lines
Vertical and horizontal 'marker pen' lines can now be displayed in any Line
or Scatter chart for visual referencing. You can align the marker lines
using either absolute positions by number, or relative positions by
percentage. They can also be used to indicate an alternative origin.
Additional parameters include the color, width and blend. The documentation
has been updated with 4 new parameter names: MarkerLineH, MarkerLineV,
MarkerLineBlend and MarkerLineWidth. The Utility has been updated with
Marker Line options so you can try it and see the syntax.

Aim Lines
You can now display dashed 'aim' or 'goal' lines by specifying the first and
last data points. To show both a Trend and an Aim line, ensure the first
series has no data gaps and include a second series that includes only the
first and last values. The documentation has been updated and a new 'Trend
Lines' sample is built into the Utility so you can try it and see the


Available from the software by clicking 'Check for updates...' or from the
links above or from the LiveCode store.


Hugh Senior

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