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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Mon May 14 11:24:59 EDT 2012

Hi Rick,

You're almost done. Handle the scrollerDidScroll message and use it to adjust the vScroll and hScroll of your field.

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On 14 mei 2012, at 17:13, Rick Harrison wrote:

> Hi there,
> Has anyone gotten a text field to scroll properly
> on the iPad with a swiping gesture?
> I worked through the example provided below.
> Things work fine in Livecode, but not correctly
> in the simulator or on the iPad directly.  I can
> see the scroll control moving but the text field
> itself won't scroll.
> Ideas and suggestions are most welcome.
> http://lessons.runrev.com/s/lessons/m/4071/l/44421-how-to-create-a-scrolling-group-using-the-improved-graphics-architecture
> Thanks,
> Rick

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