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On 5/13/12 4:39 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> I discovered then that there's a problem with those group mouseDown
> handlers on a Mac - it's impossible to tell which menu was clicked because
> "target" and "me" both return the name of the menu group, not the menu that
> was clicked, so you end up adjusting menus when they don't need adjusting.
>   To complicate matters more, on Windows, the target does return the menu
> button name.

I just set everything. It's fast enough. I have one mousedown menu 
handler that adjusts twenty or more items and it's fine. You could try 
it and see how it goes.

Menu buttons on OS X don't receive messages, which is why you aren't 
getting the info you want, and why the mousedown handler has to be in 
the group.

> If an Edit menu item is disabled, does it's Mac command key and Windows
> shortcut key equivalent still work?  If not, that would be an issue with
> this approach unless I watch for those keys as well as using a mouseDown
> handler.

If a menu item is disabled, so is its command key. That seems reasonable 
to me. The command keys are just shortcuts to the menu items and should 
behave the same. You can work around it with a commandKeyDown handler in 
the card or stack. That will always fire, but it can interfere with the 
real menu shortcuts sometimes.

Another way to handle it is to re-enable menu items the user might need 
at the end of a menupick handler. If the menus aren't pulled down, no 
one can tell if the items are enabled or not and their command keys will 
always work.

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