When is the CONTROL key not a control key?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun May 13 12:25:44 EDT 2012

Richmond wrote:
> Now, connected to my latest Linux box (for some odd reason) I have a key 
> with a Windozy sort of icon on it between the CTRL
> and the ALT keys. Is there any way for Livecode to access this in 
> Windows, at least?

Linux folks often call this the "Special" key (perhaps a subtle
reference to the logo vis a vis that Olympics <g>).

You can trap it with rawKeyDown - its value on Ubuntu (and likely
elsewhere; I just happen to be using Ubuntu at the moment) is 65515.

PS: There are some stickers available through System 76 and others which
make a great cover for that key, so rather than pressing a Windows key
in Ubuntu you can press an Ubuntu logo key. :)

PPS: Yes, fanboy that I am my laptop's Special key has such a sticker.

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