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Dermot Doran dppdoran at gmail.com
Sun May 13 06:08:00 EDT 2012

I knew I was right to be cautious in my first response.  You do indeed
have your priorities set 100% right.

Thanks very much for taking the time to respond in a way that reminds
us all of the complexity of this time in history.  As I recently heard
from an Israeli journalist, there is no end to this story, so I'm glad
to see that discussion being so expertly handled in other countries
like Bulgaria.  We could do with a dose of your values here in

By the way, I hope that I have not come over as acting like the
"thought police".  That was never my intention and my apologies to
anybody else if they feel that I have hijacked the forum a bit.



On 12 May 2012 13:56, Richmond <richmondmathewson at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 05/12/2012 12:30 PM, Dermot Doran wrote:
>> An interesting, if somewhat confusing, post, Richmond.  However, I
>> would ask you to read a few more books on the holocaust or read the
>> Nuremberg trials for a bit more background information on what really
>> happened with Jews, Romani, and "undesirable" people in the Nazi zone
>> of influence.  I found it just a little bit too simplistic and glib.
> You are quite right, and I apologise. I am well
> aware what happened; the people were slaughtered.
> However, an awful lot of the people who were slaughtered did not stop to
> question when
> they were told to get on trains for resettlement camps in the East.
> Here in Bulgaria there is an extremely interesting situation.
> The Bulgarians, under Nazi occupation, prevented Jews and Gypsies from being
> deported to the Nazi gas ovens;
> supported by the King (who died of poison on return from a meeting with
> Hitler).
> All well and good....
> Until one finds that the same King who stood up for the Jews in Bulgaria
> personally signed the order for the deportation
> of Jews from parts of what are now Macedonia and Greece which the Nazis
> handed over to Bulgaria.
> Recently I had a "fight" with some parents of teenagers I teach because I
> showed the teenagers half of "Escape from Sobibor",
> mainly because 3 daft 15 year olds started telling me that Hitler was "a
> great chap". The also were unaware of Hitler's plans
> for the Slavs!!!!
> The film had  the same salutary effect it had on me the first time I saw it
> (about 3 days on highly disturbed sleep).
>> However, if I have incorrectly interpreted your remark, please, please
>> accept my excuses for this reproach.  I think that everybody should be
>> free to make the statements they chose to make so that ideas are in
>> the open and can be promoted, analyzed and generally reacted to.
>> Somewhat off topic, I would recommend that everybody on this forum
>> take the opportunity to read Edwin Black's book on IBM and the
>> Holocaust.  If you're in computing it is an interesting read.  If you
>> are into OLAP or Data Mining it is a "MUST" read.  I have seen very
>> little critical reaction to it which leads me to think that it is a
>> bit too close to the truth for comfort.
>> One other thing, Richmond.  When I signed up to this forum I did not
>> expect to see such a wide range of interesting topics and views.  Keep
>> it coming!
>> Cheers!!
>> Dermot.
> However; the real thrust of my posting was anent the dangers of remaining
> critical, and
> hanging onto one's ability to choose.
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