Sort of a problem

Jim Hurley jhurley0305 at
Sat May 12 23:17:21 EDT 2012

Thanks Peter. But I live in a very conservative county. None of yer fancy diagonals here. NW indeed!

Actually it is the County election database, and a search reveals only N, E, S, and W.

I think I finally get the phrase "by .... of each". Live Code does pretty much what I did, except I'm sure they don't use a bubble sort. 


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> If you have streets like "SW 34th St" you'll have a problem -- you should probably adjust your pickStreet function:
> function pickStreet pName
>   if word 1 of pName is among the words of "N S E W NE NW SE SW" then
>      return word 2 to -1 of pName
>   end if
>   return pName
> end pickStreet
> -- Peter
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