[OT] Mac Beach Ball Party (or welcome to hell, here's your mac)

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Fri May 11 16:00:35 EDT 2012

thanks Ken. Internal drives don't have lights these days. Wish they did -
it would save time to know when something clearly isn't happening. The
powers that be decided that wasn't needed anymore.
The tip at your link looks promising, as I'd rather manage my own 6 gigs of
memory and will happily rather crash rather than put up with this virtual
memory crap.

Mike - I've got about 187 gigs of disk space so it's not that.

Jacque - if it were a laptop I'd probably leave it on all the time too, but
on a Mac Pro I worry about power consumption. After Enron, us Californians
pay a lot for power.
Also with Pro Tools HD and a lot of peripherals, it usually requires a
reboot anyway if the other stuff is turned off. If you saw my rig you'd
understand what I mean.

François - maybe I'll let CleanMyMac do its thing. But there is no real
trial - one can let it run, but without an auth I doubt it would actually
complete the task without registering and starting over.

Keith - thanks for the link to IceClean - never saw that one before....

so nobody here has run Mac Keeper?

thanks to all for your responses....

On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 12:28 PM, Ken Corey <ken at kencorey.com> wrote:

> On 11/05/2012 20:00, stephen barncard wrote:
>> Could I get a recommendation from some of the Mac folks on this list about
>> a good 'Cleaner' application?

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San Francisco Ca. USA

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