[OT] Mac Beach Ball Party (or welcome to hell, here's your mac)

Ken Corey ken at kencorey.com
Fri May 11 15:28:51 EDT 2012

On 11/05/2012 20:00, stephen barncard wrote:
> Could I get a recommendation from some of the Mac folks on this list about
> a good 'Cleaner' application?
> The last week or so, I've gained a rather persistent 'friend' - the dreaded
> beach ball of death.  All the time. Type a few letters in a browser (Safari
> or Chrome) and then a delay, then the ball for about 30 seconds.

Is the disk light on when this happens?  If so, read this:


Don't know if it will fix your problem, but it certainly sounded worth a 
go if you have enough memory stuffed into your machine.


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