SQLite odd behavior

william humphrey bill at bluewatermaritime.com
Fri May 11 13:42:17 EDT 2012

In case this ever happens to someone else... I have a SQLite database that
I access with version 4.6.2 of livecode and now version 5.0. This Livecode
database is behaving like it has a secret section which can be written to
by LiveCode and read from by LiveCode but when you look at it with
SQLiteManager you don't see those changes (you also don't see those changes
when you look at it with vStudio).  Also, even more unpredictably,
sometimes you can write changes to the SQLite database which even LiveCode
in the same session can't see. You can add something to it with
SQLiteManager and that change is always visible in all three programs. Also
once I opened it up in LiveCode and it had rolled back to data three
month's old. This behavior is beyond me to figure out and since that is my
last stack that still uses SQLite I converted it to Valentina with the
vStudio application from Valentina that converts databases and now I'm
making many improvements in the stack which take advantage of Valentina's
features not the least of which is vServer.

Anyway I'm not knowledgeable enough to figure out what's going on with
SQLite and I'm now going to stay away from SQLite as that was a pretty
scary data loss (of course I have back ups) in a working program in the
middle of a job. I'm also moving forward to LiveCode 5.5 which drops some
of the database query builder stuff I shouldn't have been using anyway.
Maybe the SQLite behavior had something to do with the Mac I was working on
version 10.6.8 so I upgraded that to  Lion. Since SQLite is basically just
a simple text file this behavior is possibly something to do with MacOS and
not LiveCode at all. I do my backups to drop box.

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