Set the locloc of image x to true

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Thu May 10 08:31:26 EDT 2012

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

LiveCode : Mac installed - Build : 1479 - Version : 5.5.0

I have resized and repositioned an image in a script
and don't want it to revert to its original values, when
I come back to the card where the image was pasted.

I tried "set the locLoc ......", assuming that :

1 - The tiny squares around the image would "grey out",
showing that it was locked in position (IDE mode),
2 - The check box "Lock Size and Position" would be
set on (id IDE mode again, of course).

.... as would normally happen if I set the checkbox
manually, in IDE mode.

Mark Schonewille suggested the same command, and I
value his experience.

But nothing I try seems to have any effect.

This is the first time I can't "script" values as I would
be able to "set" them in the IDE.

I spent time scripting a routine to resize and reposition
images, to find that I can't freeze the results.

Has anybody got any ideas on the subject ?

Thanks for any help


"Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

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