script works only during debugging

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This has happened to me intermittantly ever since 1987, with HC.

I never quite know how it resolves, though it usually does. I can swear that sometimes code works, and sometimes not, even though I have made no changes. And your point about  a script runnding just fine through the debugger, but not in normal operation, is familiar.

It seems like stepping through a script cleans it out in some way. Sometimes.

That said, retyping code that looks right sometimes helps, though your debugger thing likely will not respond to that.

It is a mystery.

Craig Newman

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Hello All,

A script that processes some text data and then sets a card's
custom-property to that data has inconsistent results.

In the debugger window it works fine. I put a breakpoint in the
script, run it, and when the script pauses, I click "Continue" and,
when the script exits, the custom-property has been set to the text

But when I remove the breakpoint and run the script normally (i.e.,
not in the debugger window), the card's custom-property is empty.

I've been trying for hours now to trace this, including putting "wait"
and "send", but am stumped.


Nicolas Cueto

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