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Wed May 9 08:53:43 EDT 2012

Use a send in time loop to monitor shiftkey() and just leave it running?

On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 6:43 AM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at>wrote:

> What follows is an extract from a message I have just sent to a colleague;
> it concerns
> a really large problem:
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> ------------------------------**-----------------------
> "Then when the shift key is held down, all the vowels appear, type your
> vowel,
> then when you let go, the consonant panel appears again
> This behavior will be *very* familiar to everyone..."
> That would be perfectly alright (and it appeals to me) if it were not for
> a limitation in Livecode and/or Macintosh; that when one presses
> the SHIFT key on a Mac keyboard a Livecode stack does not receive a
> rawKeyDown signal: this has also been discussed between us
> several times.
> For instance; one could have a very simple bit of code rather like this:
> if shiftkey() is down then
>  --do something--
> else
>  --do something else--
> end if
> and it would work without a hitch.
> What one CANNOT do is something like this:
> on rawKeyDown KEE
>  if KEE= XXXX  then --where 'XXXX' is a number--
>    ---do something----
>  else
>    ---do something else---
>  end if
> end rawKeyDown
> as pressing the SHIFTkey on a Mac keyboard does not generate a rawKeyDown
> number
> rather like the DELETEkey generates 65288
> this has been a "right bu**er" all along.
> SO; it is perfectly possible to have a KEY on the keyboard generate a
> consonant when the SHIFTkey is NOT down,
> and a vowel when the SHIFTkey is down; but one cannot change the display
> that the typist sees in front of him on the screen.
> [come to think of things, I'm going to post this bit 'up' on the Use-List
> on the off-chance that some wise soul has
> found a work-around for this old chestnut]
> Please don't think I'm so daft I haven't thought about this "one" long and
> hard . . .  :)
> ------------------------------**------------------------------**
> -----------------
> does anybody have any suggestions as to how one might circumvent this
> problem?
> sincerely, Richmond.
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