Counting days from a past date

dfepstein at dfepstein at
Tue May 8 16:32:19 EDT 2012

I want to count the number of days between some past date and today. 

I tried this (using Rev 3.0): 


on mouseUp 

  put "March 12, 2012" into a 

  convert a to seconds -- LC should understand this as midnight 

  get the date 

  convert it to seconds -- should also be midnight 

  put (it - a)/(24*3600) -- elapsed seconds divided by seconds per day 

end mouseUp 


This yields "57", which seems right. 


But if I change the first line to 


  put "March 11, 2012" into a 


the result is not an integer: 



Why would that be? 


David Epstein 

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