paying for bug fixes (was Re: [ANN] Installer Maker Plugin 1.7.8)

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Fri May 4 18:27:48 EDT 2012

It's my experience that if I purchase software within a time period of something like a month or two before a major release, I get comped the new version. The period of time is up to you but it's usually something like a month or two. The reason for this is that developers like to keep their release date secret, in case something goes horribly awry and they cannot meet their own deadline. So they cannot very well alert potential clients to hold off on buying that product because they are just about to release a new one! 


On May 4, 2012, at 3:02 PM, Dar Scott wrote:

> Hi, Bob!
> Would it meet the intent of what you are saying to essentially close the bugs-to-be-fixed list for a major release some period of time--say a month--after the release of the next major release?  (With the caveats of "may opt to do so" as you say.)  Or should that period be in the 3 months to 11 year range?  That is, the person who bought the earlier release just before the new release was (uh) released would have a month to say that the product does not work with his stuff.  
> Dar

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