The revMenuBar

Cal Horner calhorner at
Tue May 1 15:22:16 EDT 2012

> What OS?
Sorry Jacqueline, I sometimes forget that there is more than one OS in the
I'm running the best Windows stalwart. XP. I prefer an operating system of
>How wide is it on your monitor?
It's an old 19 inch square.
>Those are the default values for all new stacks
I'm not too interested in the magic number 65535. I'm more concerned with
the amount of blank real estate on the toolbar.
>You could try setting the maxwidth in the stack 
>Inspector to whatever you want and see if that works. The size might be
>Scripted though.
Right, I tried that and interestingly enough, when the revMenuBar loaded it
was the changed side, but hey presto it changed back to the old width.
My main concern now is finding that code and changing(?) it. And yes I know
that's dangerous.
> Do you have *both* toolbar icons and text turned off? I never 
Thought of doing that.
Gosh Mark, I thought everyone did that. LOLOL. I started doing that way back
when I came back to x-talk & RunRev version 2. It just seemed to me to be
doubling up on the menuitems.
So my main problem still stands where in the scripts does the IDE reset the
stack size for revMenuBar. Any Ideas?

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