Curry Kenworthy curry at
Sat Jun 30 09:53:31 EDT 2012

> Good work! I really like the idea of delivering what the community needs to get their apps implemented. Some way for any LC user to propose an idea and pledge funds and others to edit the idea and pledge too and then some way for someone to take on the project.

I'll try to set something up at the website during July, so keep ideas 

One important thing is that most projects need a certain minimum 
critical amount to be possible. Some venues cancel everything if the 
main goal is not met, but I think actually it would be good to have a 
minimum amount like the "reserve" in an auction that represents what the 
project must absolutely have to survive, vs the main goal which is the 
amount that it should have to cover more of the bases.

If that reserve is not met then the organizer would need to either 
cancel or seek further funding right away.

Another aspect is giving donors/those who preorder something special, 
and I think there's a whole lot of gratitude that a person feels from 
having a project funded, which will help lead to some unique and special 
perks. So it could get really interesting!


Curry K.

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