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Just remember "What happened in the Oval Room, stays in the Oval Room" !!!!!

Had a great time……


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On Jun 29, 2012, at 7:22 AM, Mark Rauterkus wrote:

> Hi,
> #1,
> Radio news in Atlantic City reports that new local laws will soon allow the
> playing of electronic gambling in and around casinos. There is a flood of
> mobile app demand screaming for developers if I ever heard of one. Patrons
> who want to gamble that way will need to be on site and check out a device,
> it seems.
> #2,
> I have had a wonderful time at the RunRev Developer event. Everyone is so
> nice and helpful. Next year we may have more to talk about in this space at
> RR if I get into high gear.  Thanks and safe travels to all.
> #3, interesting news and other report about mobile in the civic space from
> a trusted source, Steve.
> [DW] Report on mobile games and civic engagement ("Civic Tripod" -- with
> ties to learning and art)Inbox
> We are excited to announce a new report on mobile games and civic
> engagement -- with ties to art games and learning.  Check out our
> interviews with game designers, profiles of mobile innovations, and
> cross-linking essays. The report is published by MIT Press/IJLM, and
> was initially funded by Intel.
> (a) The report is available here: http://CivicTripod.com
> (b) Official stub at MIT Press: http://ijlm.net/node/13163
> Do you have comments?  We would love to hear your reflections on the
> report.  Our goal is to start a conversation that looks across cases,
> and lightly ties theory from multiple disciplines together.  Some
> questions for you: What would you add to this report?  What is the
> next step for research in this area?  Is this format a useful way to
> reach practitioners and academics?  Let us know.
> Sincerely (in no particular order), the report co-authors:
> Benjamin Stokes, Jeff Watson, Susana Ruiz
> University of Southern California, Schools of Cinema and Communication
> p.s. -- Here's a teaser from the report: "This report addresses the
> mobile frontier for civic games, which is fragmented across the
> applied domains of activism, art and learning. We argue that these
> three domains can and should speak jointly — an approach we call the
> civic “tripod.” Our site structure is part of its contribution, with a
> curated database of projects and interviews from the field."
> Group home for Newswire - Steven Clift's Democracies Online Newswire:
> http://groups.dowire.org/groups/newswire
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> Ta.
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