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Radio news in Atlantic City reports that new local laws will soon allow the
playing of electronic gambling in and around casinos. There is a flood of
mobile app demand screaming for developers if I ever heard of one. Patrons
who want to gamble that way will need to be on site and check out a device,
it seems.

I have had a wonderful time at the RunRev Developer event. Everyone is so
nice and helpful. Next year we may have more to talk about in this space at
RR if I get into high gear.  Thanks and safe travels to all.

#3, interesting news and other report about mobile in the civic space from
a trusted source, Steve.

[DW] Report on mobile games and civic engagement ("Civic Tripod" -- with
ties to learning and art)Inbox

We are excited to announce a new report on mobile games and civic
engagement -- with ties to art games and learning.  Check out our
interviews with game designers, profiles of mobile innovations, and
cross-linking essays. The report is published by MIT Press/IJLM, and
was initially funded by Intel.
(a) The report is available here: http://CivicTripod.com
(b) Official stub at MIT Press: http://ijlm.net/node/13163

Do you have comments?  We would love to hear your reflections on the
report.  Our goal is to start a conversation that looks across cases,
and lightly ties theory from multiple disciplines together.  Some
questions for you: What would you add to this report?  What is the
next step for research in this area?  Is this format a useful way to
reach practitioners and academics?  Let us know.

Sincerely (in no particular order), the report co-authors:
Benjamin Stokes, Jeff Watson, Susana Ruiz
University of Southern California, Schools of Cinema and Communication

p.s. -- Here's a teaser from the report: "This report addresses the
mobile frontier for civic games, which is fragmented across the
applied domains of activism, art and learning. We argue that these
three domains can and should speak jointly — an approach we call the
civic “tripod.” Our site structure is part of its contribution, with a
curated database of projects and interviews from the field."

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