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Paul Hibbert lc at
Wed Jun 27 17:35:11 EDT 2012

Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but if you are applying the destroyStack right before the delete stack you are not changing anything permanently, unless you save the stack before deleting it of course.

Called from "Stack A":

   set the destroyStack of stack "Stack B" to true
   delete stack "Stack B"

This works for me ("Stack B" disappears from the app browser) and when I re-open "Stack B" the destroyStack is still as it was, i.e. false


On 2012-06-27, at 12:39 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> HI Paul,
> Unfortunately, I can't use that method.  I'm doing this as part of a tool
> I'll be announcing soon so it will be accessing other peoples' stacks and I
> don't think they'd be happy if I changed the destroyStack property on them!
> Pete
> lcSQL Software <>
> On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 12:02 PM, Paul Hibbert <lc at> wrote:
>> Peter,
>> Have you tried setting the destroyStack to true before deleting it?
>> set the destroyStack of myStack to true
>> Quote from the LC Dictionary;
>> "destroyStack Summary:
>> Specifies whether a stack is purged from memory when it's closed, or
>> whether it remains in memory.
>> Value:
>> The destroyStack of a stack is true or false.
>> By default, the destroyStack property of newly created stacks is set to
>> false."
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