is evaluation order defined, and evaluation of conditionals

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Mon Jun 25 19:17:27 EDT 2012

Is the order in which expressions will be evaluated defined int LiveCode

For example, if I have fields such as live_cats live_dogs and such,
some but not others of which have corresponding fields dead_cat,
dead_mouse, etc, can if have a construct that comes to

  case exists(dead_cat) and  ("bad_smell" is among the words of dead_cat)

If it is defined that the leftmost expression is evaluated first, and
the right-hand only if needed to resolve the "and," I would expect
this to work.

If it doesn't, though, things get more difficult:  using the exists()
within the switch throws me down that path, and only down it can I
check bad_smell.

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