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Thanks Richard.  As noted in my reply to Craig, I found a solution by using
mouseMove in the behavior instead of mouseWithin.  There is still an
anomaly though in that the mouseMove handler fires when the mouse is over
the button containing the behavior script so I had to take steps to avoid
that.  My simplistic method of avoidance was to check the first word of the
abbrev name of me for "field" since the behavior in question will alwyas be
used by a field.

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On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 3:21 PM, Richard Gaskin
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> Peter Haworth wrote:
>> It would appear that a mouseWithin handler can't be used in a behavior
>> script?  The mouseWithin message seems to be sent to the button containing
>> the behavior script, not the control that references the behavior button.
>> Am I misunderstanding?  If not, any suggestions for how to overcome this?
>>  I am using the mouseWithin message to figure out which line/column of a
>> table control the mouse is over so I can build an appropriate tooltip.
> The mouseWithin message is a bit of an anomaly among mouse messages so
> this comes up from time to time.
> Oddly enough, the last time it did was almost exactly a year ago, on June
> 24 2011 - here's an explanation of why it's funky and some alternatives
> which may be useful:
> <**pipermail/use-livecode/2011-**June/158102.html<>
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