ANN: Stars

Ken Corey ken at
Fri Jun 22 18:43:43 EDT 2012

Even better: several Turtle graphics libraries, bezier graphics, and 
more.  Thanks for the link, I might never have found his website.

This proves my point completely.

RunRev shouldn't bother re-implementing the stuff Jim (and you) have 
done.  They should make sure it's easier to share it in the first place 
(by making sure RevOnline is easy to use to share).

I would have found resources in RevOnline. In fact, the first thing I 
did when I saw Jim's post was to go to RevOnline and see if anyone had 
uploaded information about a Turtle library...and of course they hadn't.

Apple (and Google and soon Microsoft) has been showing everyone that 
built-in stores are important.  It'd be a shame to let this one that 
RunRev has built, and people have started to use, languish.

On 22/06/2012 23:06, Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Look at this website published by Jim Hurley:
> I found really interesting that Jim wrote that learning Turtle Graphics
> could be useful for anybody, not just children...
> Where I could take an online Turtle Graphics course?

I can't help but feel I'm the butt of a joke I don't understand here.

You can't google "turtle graphics course"?


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