iOS 6 Compile

Colin Holgate coiin at
Fri Jun 22 08:36:14 EDT 2012

Have you ever thought about signing up with one of the developer options for LiveCode? You get early access to some fixes, though I suppose that doesn't give you permission to tell others about the fix! So, I'll make sure not to do that.

If your question isn't answered by Tuesday, then anyone at the conference can ask for an update on the situation.

On Jun 22, 2012, at 7:42 AM, Brian Wis <brianjwis at> wrote:

> >Made the mistake of moving to iOS 6, not realizing that my LC apps would not open. Fortunately I have some other iOS devices in the house that I can continue to work with, but can anyone point me to any news regarding when LC will be able to compile for iOS 6? 

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