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Hi Ludovic,

If you write me off-list, maybe we can sort out what isn't working for you.

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On 22 jun 2012, at 14:07, Ludovic Thébault wrote:

> Le 22 juin 2012 à 10:02, John Dixon a écrit :
>> Application icon badge support (p.50 iOS 5.5.1 release notes.)
>> The badge is the number that appears on the top right of you applications icon and is used to signify
>> the number of pending activities. To set the badge value, use the command iphoneSetNotificationBadgeValue passing an the integer
>> value you want to appear in the badge.
> Yes, but you cannot tell iOS to change this badge in 2 days for example, when the app is closed (without display an local notification).
> I've tried the external of Mark, but she doesn't work, i've an error in iOS (compiled with Livecode 5.5.1, the documentation of the external talk about the version 4.6.4).

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