ANN: PreOrder FieldTrip (100%)

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Fri Jun 22 00:25:22 EDT 2012

Thank You LiveCoders,

We now have reached over 100% of what I estimated was the critical 
funding necessary to ensure the birth of FieldTrip! Yay!

Among many entry level purchasers, that also includes 7 FieldTrippers, 2 
BigFans, and 1 awesome RichTextHero! For these ten special people who 
went above and beyond, I will spend the corresponding amount of time on 
features that each of them considers most important.

Thanks to all who preordered at every level, development can now proceed 
with confidence and we'll be looking forward to delivering the first 
version. I'll try to keep everyone posted around once a week on progress.

I'm trying to also have a portion of FieldTrip features ready to be 
demonstrated at the LiveCode Conference...if I succeed in time, it will 
be presented by the excellent Ken Ray who kindly offered to include it 
in his speech. Thank you very much Ken! And we'll continue to welcome 
preorders at least through the conference, for those who see it there 
and want to try it. The preorder entry level price will increase to $25 
starting Monday.

I'm committed to giving our preorder customers a great big thank you, 
especially the early ones during this initial drive. The extra perks for 
those who preorder are yet to be determined but I'm leaning toward 
access to the first version a few weeks ahead of anyone else as one of 
them. So rest assured that you'll be the very first to receive it, with 
exclusive access!

For those who still haven't preordered, it's still not too late to catch 
the initial entry level price of $20 which increases after the weekend 
and again after the conference. It's also not too late to join the ranks 
of FieldTrippers, BigFans, and Heros whose preferences will be partially 
directing the focus of initial development! The more preorders we get, 
the more features we will deliver.

This field and toolbar will be almost like having your own little MS 
Word or Pages interface to drop in your app. Simply too good to pass up.

If you've ordered at the entry level and would like to upgrade to a 
FieldTripper or above to have more input, you can...just PayPal me the 
difference to my email address.

The same is true if you had any trouble with the PayPal button (this can 
happen with a PayPal browser cookie error); you can clear the PayPal 
cookies, or just send PayPal to my email.

Thanks once again from the heart to all who participated...I am 
overjoyed that the success of this addon is now ensured!

To reserve your copy of FieldTrip, click here:


Thank you.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy
(Author of WordLib, WordReport, SpreadLib, etc. ...)

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