LiveCode 5.5.1 Released

Ken Corey ken at
Thu Jun 21 17:34:37 EDT 2012

Here, here.  I'd definitely vote for this.

I mean, it's *so* bloody close:

1) Drop a label on your app that's inactive so you can see it, but it 
doesn't block events.

2) Define an error handler that prints the error message to the label 
(and truncates the label at xx lines).

All of this is possible in the existing Livecode, it's just translating 
the gobbeldygook into english that's troublesome. I've got a permanent 
bookmark to, and it's pathetic that a 
third party needs to support such a tool.

If it can be done in the IDE, why can't that code be a library that's 
loaded for debugging in the device, and not loaded for release?


On 21/06/2012 22:22, Graham Samuel wrote:
> Nice to see some progress, but when are we going to get some help
> from the IDE on debugging for iOS? I find the "put" thing (writes to
> the Console) pretty much a blunt instrument - or have others evolved
> a more sophisticated debugging strategy? Before you suggest it, I
> think I've got beyond testing in desktop mode just to as to be able
> to trace the execution of my code, since most of the important stuff
> relates directly to iOS. If I did try to prolong testing within the
> LC IDE then I would have to rethink my code pretty drastically,
> writing handlers that hide/simulate anything that can only be
> executed in iOS. I just hope I don't have to rethink my code design
> in this way for the next app - I really want to see debugging info
> coming directly out of apps running on the iOS Simulator. I don't see
> why the next version can't be engineered to (at least) trap execution
> errors and output meaningful text about them to the console.
> Ah well, next time??

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