Somewhat OT: Windows Phone 8

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jun 21 10:25:50 EDT 2012

Andre Garzia wrote:

> I don't know who I like less: Balmer or Leo...

You might want to add Larry Ellison to that list, a true contender for 
the Most FUBAR CEO award, with special achievements in the area of 
Annoying the Open Source Community with his Open Office shenanigans, and 
in the Wasteful Litigation category with his multimillion dollar attack 
on Android.

His monkeying with Open Office ultimately prompted all the major distros 
to fund the now-much-better fork, Libre Office.

And with Android, rather than the billions he was hoping for it looks 
like he'll be paying Google's court costs.

Annoying that many people and wasting so much money isn't an easy thing 
to do, possibly warranting a special Lifetime Achievement Award.

What else would we expect from a company that makes its living not from 
innovation, but from a single product it made many years ago which 
they've successfully lobbied, and traded personnel with, the major 
auditing firms to support his DB exclusively, so big corps have no 
alternative but to risk failing audits.

On second thought, while that may not be the sort of innovation we 
normally expect from a tech company, it is a most inventive strategy. ;)

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