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Thu Jun 21 05:47:46 EDT 2012

On 21/06/12 10:20, Rolf Kocherhans wrote:
> Hello Tim
> Yes !
> We probably all have !
> My last try was yesterday !
> This is the response I got one months ago:
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> Ticket#2012050910000326
> Hello Rolf,
> Hopefully I will be tackling this issue with revOnline soon, but unfortunately I
> can't give you any estimate or assurances as to when it's going to be fixed. We do
> of course want everyone to be able to use revOnline, so with a bit of luck I'll be
> able to return it to normal working order sometime in the near future.

'estimates or assurances'; well, perhaps somebody should put their money 
where their mouth is.

"We do of course want everyone to be able to use revOnline"

oddly enough, I'm starting to believe that less and less as actions (or 
the lack thereof)
speak louder than words.

That word 'luck' is a bit disingenuous. Surely what is needed is WORK 

I would characterise RunRev as a company that produces a super product, 
but is signally bad at
follow-up with bug reports and maintenance of components (such as 
Rev-Online and RevNet)
that involve interaction between their product installed on end-user's 
machines and RunRev's
own machines.

I remember being informed that all the material on 'old' RevOnline would 
be transferred to 'new' RevOnline: it hasn't, so all those stacks which 
developers uploaded for the greater good of
the much vaunted 'developer community' which RunRev protests it supports 
are now
unavailable unless you happen to have RR version 2.x to be able access 
it (and, when last I looked,
the stacks are no longer downloadable).

I am trying to save up money to buy a more current version of Livecode 
than 4.5; but am starting
to wonder whether I wouldn't be better buying a really decent copy of 
the supplement to the
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha instead (having spent an arm and a leg on 
the 2 volume Charleworth
edition of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha it would be nice to have 
James Davila's work on my bookshelf - even if only for the simple reason 
that his house is across the road from mine in St Andrews)., as they 
come in at about the same price. Davila's book does not feature anything 
that can get broken at a later date.

> Regards
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> Am 21.06.2012 um 00:12 schrieb use-livecode-request at
>> I don't mean to play "Obvious Man" here, but has anyone actually contacted Heather, et al and asked for it to be fixed?
>> Tim
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