Thanks for all your help so far. Global recap / thinking it through.

Mark Rauterkus mark.rauterkus at
Wed Jun 20 18:12:20 EDT 2012

Hi Pros,

Zooming ahead here now that I can build a script without quotes around
the cardname of another stack. Golly. Navigation is working -- check,
I'm setting custom props in fields and stacks -- check. Plugging along
with 3 weeks until camp begins.

Next I'm going to figure out links to photos on the students' cards.

Today I'd love to hear thoughts on VERSION CONTROL of a database that
must be kept on various computers at different sites that may not have
internet. Example, the campers go to a park. No wifi or internet
there. We still need to have the campers emergency contact info on a
PC and take attendance. The LC app can help to insure everyone leaves
the park for the return to the home school. And, we use it for
performance notes, etc.

Next season this LC app can be with hot spots and web data, but I'm
too rushed now and without all the tech elements just yet it seems.
So, I'm going to build the app with build in  LC data and not any
external DB just yet.

So, I expect up to 5 PCs (laptops) running WIN LC stand-alone custom
LC application throughout the day. After camp ends, I need to merge
the data. Then the next day everyone starts with the up to date data.
WiFi is available at the main school.

Q1: Does LC still run on a flash drive?

Best practice and pointers for building an export / refresh system. (I
won't do what was asked in 4th World's rant on the topic.)

Of 200 records, some cards may not change each day.
Most fields (Name, address, etc.) on all cards won't change much after entry.
Two fields will get heavy use each day, Attendance and Performance Notes.

I'll have one card a sub stack keep track of version numbers and date
/ time stamps.
A custom property on start up will record all the student records and
each version # for the student's card. All records have a version # /
date / time stamp as to the last changes.

On shut-down, a fresh version custom property routine determines what
cards were added (new ones) and what cards have had data changes.
(Time stamp of recent change not matching the custom properties.)

New cards have all data exported.
Cards with new data have all data exported.
Both frequently changed fields always have the data exported.
Photo folder is watched for new images too.

One administrator has to suck in the changes from each computer every
day and make an up to date program that needs to be distributed to
each camp leader PC for the next day.

So, if YESTERDAY's version is used, then don't allow direct DB changes
except for an email / export change to most of the data Allow updated
attendance and performance notes as those fields need a different
merge operation.

Sorry for thinking out loud. Should come back with specific issues soon enough.


Mark Rauterkus       Mark.Rauterkus at
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim and Water Polo Camp Head Coach with
Neighborhood Learning Alliance

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