ANN: PreOrder FieldTrip, the Rich Text Editor

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Jun 20 18:10:08 EDT 2012

LiveCode 5.5 offers incredible new text styling features...if only you 
had a convenient rich text editor field to drop into your stacks for 
desktop and mobile apps and make all those features instantly available, 

Help is here! FieldTrip will let your end users easily edit and style 
text in word-processor fashion, and all the features are as available 
and easy to access on mobile as they are on desktop. With a styling 
toolbar similar to your favorite word processor, your users can edit 
text conveniently and quickly.

This project is a collaboration between Maarten Koopmans and myself. The 
editor will be used in an iOS app right off the bat, so we'll make sure 
the Apple store likes it too. What we offer is the chance to easily and 
affordably take advantage of all the amazing text editing features of 
the new LiveCode on all platforms. What we need is a bit more funding to 
beef up the first release!

So to all lively LiveCoders, please catch a great price and support the 
effort by preordering this essential editing field; be part of a 
momentous occasion, be the very first (besides myself and Maarten) to 
try this spiffy new editor, have the coolest apps, and help us make 
FieldTrip the very best it can be.

It will be customizable and skinnable for a great look whatever the OS, 
with multiple instances, so that you can have one field in your 
interface or use several fields as part of a larger content layout. If 
you choose, your end users can move and resize fields too. This makes 
FieldTrip suitable for a wide range of purposes.

Major text formatting features of LiveCode, including advanced features 
introduced in 5.5, will be represented for styling in style. Some of the 
capabilities long supported by LiveCode but not quite convenient to 
access, such as inserting images and creating hyperlinks, will be easier 
than ever. And how about a tab bar? You'll want to use FieldTrip for 
your own rich text styling, as well as offering it to your end users!

The more preorders we get, the more features we can include in the first 
release. We need at least 50 orders, but we're hoping for a hundred or 
more. The special price for ordering now is $20 USD, and there are also 
options to pay a higher amount if you'd like to be a hero and help 
enrich text in apps all over the LiveCode world. (Of course, those who 
give more will have more influence on features.) We're using PayPal for 
maximum convenience anywhere in the world.

Along with FieldTrip for rich editing, WordLib 2.0 and WordOut 1.0 will 
be on the scene soon with support for LiveCode 5.5's field features, and 
will work together smoothly to bring more word processing power than 
ever to LiveCode apps on all platforms.

To reserve your copy of FieldTrip, click here:


Thank you.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy
(Author of WordLib, WordReport, SpreadLib, etc. ...)

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