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Wed Jun 20 18:01:55 EDT 2012

Andre Garzia <andre at ...> writes:

> I completely agree with you and I too have my own bag of corporate insane
> bugs here. I know we should have them working on it but if I could provide
> an alternative uploader for the interval between today and they fixing
> things, I think it would be good.

<g> I don't mean to dissuade you from doing this...

> Pre2 is my favorite phone, not thanks to HP but to the fine folks at
> webOS-Internals that came up with Preware.

The best thing HP did recently was to open-source WebOS. Now that I have Preware
loaded I can dual-boot into Android ICS as desired.

> Now LiveCode IDE is basically LiveCode. There are a lot of things broken in
> the IDE, a lot of room for enhancements and a lot of customizations that
> some people would really enjoy but we can't do all this stuff because we
> can't share it. If I change my version of the script editor template and
> you change yours, there is no way for us to share our works except if we
> merge it by hand. But instead of suffering from paralysis by analysis, we
> can use the best solution which is positioning some clever frontScripts to
> trap and replace broken stuff.

That's basically what the PowerPlug stack in the glx2 distribution does.
It's an ongoing process of a bunch of utilities and patches that are loaded into
a frontscript and so various useful things in the IDE. Double-clicking on a
label to edit its contents, for example, or providing text explanations for
numeric error codes, or "put the functions of button 4 of card 3".

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