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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jun 20 10:21:58 EDT 2012

Andre Garzia wrote:
> I've uploaded a stack this month... it worked as expected. RevOnline
> protocol is pretty simple, they just send a base64 encoded compressed
> arrayencoded array back and forth.

GMTA :)  That's become my favorite packaging method for moving stuff 
between standalones and servers.

While arrayEncode and arrayDecode are relatively intensive calls, for 
arrays less than a few MBs in size they're measured in just millisecs, 
ideal for processing on both ends as they're much faster than parsing 
XML or other hierarchical formats.

In fact, the more I look into MongoDB the more arrayEncoded data bears 
an inspiring similarity to BSON, but with the benefit that LiveCode is 
so fast I can do everything I need without a stay-resident process on 
the server. :)  Not to mention the savings in overhead from not having 
to translate BSON to JSON and back again.

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