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Igor de Oliveira Couto igor at
Wed Jun 20 01:33:51 EDT 2012

Dear List Folks,

On 20/06/2012, at 6:04 AM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> Mark Rauterkus <mark.rauterkus at ...> writes:
>> With Rev Online, can I delete some of my stacks already uploaded? I
>> put some junk there in the past that should be deleted.
> RevOnline's functionality has been dead for over six months now. To bring it
> back you will need to sacrifice a chicken to Papa Legba. If you manage this,
> leave the door open. There are many of us who would like to enter.

I can report, that I got RevOnline to work. I clicked on the 'forgot password?' link, and tried getting through to the next step. Usually, it tries contacting the Rev server, and nothing happens, so I just force-quit it. This time, however, it was the end of the day, so I just left the computer running overnight, while trying to contact the Rev server.

The next morning, I came back, quit LiveCode, and noticed that there was a message on my inbox from RunRev - asking me to reset my password! 

I should also add, that although I did not sacrifice a chicken to Papa Legba, I did send a quiet prayer to Holy Heather of Nagey, via email, and so the RunRev gods may well have something to do with this unexpected good fortune. In any case, I can now access RevOnline in full! :-)

I hope this helps others.

Kindest regards to all,

Igor Couto
Sydney, Australia

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