how to get rid of "icon" added in a repertory by Lion

André Bisseret andre.bisseret at
Mon Jun 18 05:54:21 EDT 2012


I am on Mac OS 10.6.8
In a stack I am getting a list of names from a directory with
 set the directory to "nameOfsuchFolder"
    put the files into tList
in tList I must delete a file ".DS_Store" , no problem

My friend for whom I am maintaining the app. bought a new Mac with Lion.
Now, with Lion, a new intruder is systematically appearing in tList : one line whose value is "Icon"

I can't delete it ;-((
In a repeat 
if line x of tList is "Icon" then delete line x of tList -- DOES NOT WORK!

When I put tList in a field
In the message box 
find "Icon" in field "fldName"; put the foundLine returns "line 281 of field 1"
But :
put line 281 of field 1 is "Icon"  returns "false"!!!!

Assuming a mysterious hidden character,
I asked for the number of chars of line 281 of field 1 : returned 5!!
If I put chartoNum(last char of line 281 of fld 1), I got 13
so could be carriage return? 
But, I don't get 13 for the last char of any other line in the field!

Well I am clearly missing something!

Any help much appreciated

Best regards from Grenoble


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