Clever Table Object

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Sat Jun 16 15:40:15 EDT 2012

Several folks have asked me how I got the native field object in lcTaskList to do those table tricks without using ListMagic or the Data Grid.

I recently discovered Bernd Niggeman's "OldTableFieldDragDividers" stack in RevOnLine (he uploaded it in 2010 but even though it has been downloaded over 300 times I missed it) which teaches the regular table field object lots of new tricks just with scripting. I didn't think it was possible but his scripts are very clever and easy to understand.

For lcTaskList I use a field and graphic for the header and a field for the table object for the data and have handlers cross reference his scripts in each field object.

I would encourage everyone to take a look at his amazing stack and the RunRev folks to make it an optional part of the field object.

Hats off to Bernd.
Bill Vlahos
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